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Waeco CR80 CoolMatic 2-way 80 Litre boat refrigerator motorhome

Waeco CRX Coolmatic 2 way fridges. Suitable for use in yachts, boats, narrow boats, small or medium sized vehicle, camper vans and Motor homes.
Waeco CR-80 Coolmatic 80 Litre boat 2 way refrigerator
£??? inc VAT rrp £787
UK Delivery Only
Installation with
standard or flush-mount frame
If frame required please contact us
Standard Frame £25
Flush-mount frame £55
Dimensions of CR-80 fridge
Waeco CR80 Coolmatic fridge dimensions sizes larger image diagram. Useful when fitting or replacing your fridge.
click image for larger image
Waeco CR-80 boat fridge comes with a 2 year Dometic Full European Guarantee.
Net Weight, kg23


 With no frame
 Standard frame (without door)
 Flush-mount frame
mm H x W x D
640 x 475 x 528
642 x 479 x 475 with door protruding
642 x 501 x 528

frame silver panel matt silver



(at 5°C interior + - 18°C Freezer)
1.8 Ah/hour at 25°C ambient temperature
2.1 Ah/hour at 32°C ambient temperature
Average power consumption watts48
Average consumption in 24 hours at ambient temperatures up to 32 C°.
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