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Waeco CFX 65 Compressor Fridge Freezers CoolFreeze 3-way 60L

Compressor Fridge Freezers Waeco CFX-65 CoolFreeze Dometic 3-way 60 Litre £xxxx inc VAT
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Dimensions of CFX-65
Waeco CFX CoolFreeze Compressor Fridge Freezer dimension sizes larger image diagram.
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Waeco CFX-65 Fridge Freezer comes with 24 Months Guarantee.
What is the Gross Capacity in Litres?approx. 60 Litres (47 for refrigeration/deep-freezing, 13 for fresh food)
Voltage12/24 volts DC and 100 - 240 volts AC
Power Inputapprox. 58 watts
How long will the CFX run for?
  at +5°C interior temperature
Using a 100Ah Leisure Battery:
238 hours at +20°C ambient temperature
131 hours at +32°C ambient temperature
What is the Power Consumption?0.42 Ah per hour at +20°C ambient temperature
0.76 Ah per hour at +32°C ambient temperature
Temperature range+10°C to -22°C
What colour is the cool freeze?Body: pale grey/dark grey
How much does it Weigh in Kg?approx. 22.3
What are the dimensions in mm?
  See also diagram on left
H x W x D
561 x 725 x 455
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