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Cramer camping Built-in Hobs Motorhome Caravan Cookers

See also Dometic Cramer Hob/Sink Combinations and Cooker Hoods.

Space for up to four pots and pans, ergonomic heat control with recessed-mounted, easy-to-check turning switches, functional equipment, in short: home-like cooking comfort. Dometic CRAMER Built-in Hobs Caravan Cookers leave wide scope for your culinary creativity. Treat family and friends and ourself, to regional delicacies fresh from your mobile kitchen! Obriens can NOT supply replacement glass lids

All prices inclusive of VAT

Dometic Cramer Built-in Hob Caravan Cookers (glass lids)

Cramer CE99-ZF460-I-G Hob

Caravan Cookers Cramer CE99-ZF460-I-G Hob
£155 inc. VAT

Cramer CE99-DF-I-G Hob

Cramer CE99-DF-I-G Hob
£215 inc. VAT

Dometic Cramer Built-in Hob Caravan Cookers

Cramer CE88-ZF-EK2000 Hob

Cramer CE88-ZF-EK2000 Hob
£140 inc. VAT

Cramer CE94-DF-EK2000 Hob

Cramer CE94-DF-EK2000 Hob
£199 inc. VAT

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