Cramer Hob Sink Combinations for Caravans & Motorhomes

See also Dometic Cramer Hobs and Cooker Hoods.

Cramer Hob-Sink Combinations (glass lids)

Dometic SNG4133 sink

Dometic SNG4133 Sink Previously Cramer CE99 B410L IG £xxx inc. VAT

Dometic HSG2445
Hob Sink Combi

Dometic HSG2445 Cramer Cookers Sink Combination Previously Cramer CE00 Mini BO HI27 IG
£xxx inc. VAT
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Dometic HSG3436
Hob Sink Combi

Dometic HSG3436 Hob-Sink Combination Previously Cramer Kombi 840 DF HI21 I2G
£xxx inc. VAT
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