Dometic Cooker Hoods for Caravan & Motorhome CK2000 CK400

Dometic Cooker Hoods for your Caravan, Campervan, Campervan Conversion or self build motorhome conversion.

Dometic CK2000 Cooker Hood

Forget about cooking fumes, heat build-up, condensation and installation hassle! Dometic CK 2000 is the world's first motorhome cooker hood to use the principle of air recirculation, so there’s no need to install a roof ventilator. Cooking fumes are drawn upwards along the centre line of the unit, then the cleaned air is returned via the sides to the front. This creates an air-dome that stops fumes escaping and ensures a good suction performance ( 50 m³/h).
Moreover, the patent-pending appliance is extremely efficient at a power consumption of only 5 watts. The Dometic CK2000 comes with a washable grease filter, an easy-to-exchange activated carbon filter and two integrated work lamps for extra comfort and convenience.

Dometic CK400 Cooker Hood

Clean air on board and no need to fit a roof ventilator, thanks to Dometic CK 400, the innovative cooker hoods by Dometic. Its powerful two-speed fan ( 70 or 125 m3/h) quickly extracts cooking fumes and smells and discharges them on the outside. The 12-volt motor is integrated in the roof dome. The built-in halogen lamps come in very handy when cooking.

Dometic CK155 Cooker Hood

The CK155 Cooker hood has now been discontinued.

Delivery is UK only and inclusive of VAT

CK400 Dometic Cooker Hood

CK400 Dometic Cooker Hood CK 400 For Motorhome and Caravan

  • Voltage: 12 volts DC
  • Capacity: 70/125 m3/h
  • Power: consumption 30 watts
  • Quality features: 2-speed fan, washable metal grease filter,
    halogen lights (2x20 watts), 12 volts,
    2-level lighting, robust plastic roof dome
  • Dimensions: ( W x H x D) 399 x 45 x 277 mm
  • Cut-out for installation ( Ø) 110 mm
  • Roof dome ( H x Ø) 64 x 200 mm
  • model: 921141801

CK2000 Dometic Cooker Hood

CK2000 Dometic Cooker Hood CK 400 For Motorhome and Caravan

  • Voltage: 12 volts DC
  • Capacity: 50 m3/h
  • Power consumption: 5 watts
  • Quality features: Two integrated halogen lights (2x10 watts GU4), 2-level lighting, washable metal grease filter,
    exchangeable activated carbon filter, two-speed fan
  • Dimensions ( W x H x D) 400 x 56 x 280 mm
  • Weight: 2.2 kg
  • model: 921140902
Two integrated halogen lights
Dometic CK2000 Cooker Hood Halogen lights
Exchangeable activated carbon filter
Dometic CK2000 Cooker Hood Carbon filter
Washable metal grease filter
Dometic CK2000 Cooker Hood Grease Filter
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