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Dometic RM4210 Caravan Fridge 3-way 60L Electrolux

The small to medium range Dometic refrigerator which were formerly Electrolux. Powered by 2-way, (LPG and 12 volt) or 3-way (LPG, mains and 12 volt). Suitable to fit in your small to medium caravan or campervan. Venting of the fridge is extremely important. YOU MUST MEET MANUFACTURERS GUIDELINES. The Dometic fridges do NOT come with a venting kit. Please contact Obriens camping if a kit is required. Fridge Vent kits are in stock and available in White.
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Caravan Fridge Dometic RM4210 3-way 60 Litre absorption fridge formerly Electrolux powered gas mains 12v supplied by obriens camping
How To Fit Dometic RM4210 Fridge in a caravan or camper van.
 Dimensions of RM4210 Fridge
Dometic 3 way RM4210 dimension sizes larger image diagram for caravan.
click image for larger image.
  • Sold out - see RM5310 Caravan fridges
  • Dometic RM4210 caravan absorption fridge, 3 way 60 litre. The classic caravan fridge that has stood the test of time, single door model.
  • Features of the RM4210 Caravan Fridge

  • 3-way: 12 Volt DC, 230 Volt AC and LPG gas 30 mbar. With 3 stage manual gas control. Can be used on Propane or butane Gas.
  • Fridge cooling capacity: +7 degrees C at ambient temperatures up to 32 degrees C.
  • Frozen Food compartment: 5 litres up to -12 degrees C.
  • Piezo igniter
  • Thermostatic control on caravan fridge mains operation
  • User friendly control panel
  • The Dometic RM4210 fridge replaces the old Dometic RM4200, RM4206 and RM212, but with extra features.
  • Longer Piezo igniter
  • Fridge door comes with magnetic seal and variable door hinge.
  • Fridge door has locking with vent option.
  • The Dometic RM4210 caravan fridge has a tilt tolerance of 6 degrees
  • The fridge switches are illuminated
  • The cooling unit is much better on the RM4210 fridge. It will now works in temperatures up to 42 degrees.
  • For caravan, camper vans and RV Motorhomes. This fridge is popular in Volkswagen T25, T4, and T5.
  • NOT suitable for boats of any kind, if installed in a boat, the fridge will NOT be covered under the warranty. For boats please see our Waeco compressor fridges.
  • The Caravan Dometic fridge RM4210 can be used as a replacement for an old Electrolux RM212 caravan fridge.
  • See also RM5330 and RM5380 caravan fridge
  • See caravan fridge Hints and Tips.
  • Dometic Gas Checker GC100 Pen to see how much gas in your bottle.
The Dometic RM4210 fridge comes with a 2 year Dometic Full European Guarantee.
How big is the refrigerator capacity in litres? 60
Whats the net weight in kg? 20.7
Whats the Dimensions sizes in mm H x W x D ? 618 x 486 x 474
What colour is the Dometic RM4210? Grey


How much Electric usage in kW in 24 hours approx?. 2.3
- 12 Volt, Ah/24 hour approx.  
How much Gas use in grams in 24 hours approx? (max / min) 310
Average consumption in 24 hours at ambient temperatures up to 32 C°.
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