Dometic Vents for RM Camping Fridges

Standard Vent Kit - Includes L100 Top Vent, L200 Bottom Vent and Winter cover

All Vents are Non returnable
L100 Top Vent Allows heated air to escape
Dometic L100 Top Vent
Avoid an energy-wasting heat build-up behind your fridge with the Dometic ventilation system. The upper ventilation system consists of a mounting frame, a ventilation grille and a winter cover.
L200 Lower Vent Fresh air for your fridge
Dometic L200 Lower Vent
The lower ventilation grille admits cool air from the outside to the rear of the refrigerator. This saves energy and supports the cooling performance. The lower ventilation system consists of a mounting frame, a ventilation grille and a winter cover.

L300 Vent Perfect ventilation for all double-door fridges RMD8501 RMD8505 RMD8551 RMD8555
Dometic L300 Vent
Since summer 2005 the side ventilation L 300 has replaced model L 500. Like the L 500 it offers an enlarged cross-section which has been designed for double-door fridges without inhibiting the exterior design of your recreational vehicle.
L500 Vent Keeps your refrigerator cool
Dometic L500 Vent
Only steady ventilation ensures a perfect performance of your Dometic absorption fridge. Like the successor model L 300 the L 500 offers an enlarged cross-section especially designed for double-door fridges.
The L500 Vents are no longer available as have been replaced by the L300 Vent.
If you need replacement winter covers, you can use 2* L200 covers which are only available in kits of L100/L200 winter covers.

How to do Venting

Perfect ventilation for perfect performance

Which vents are required for which fridge

Model L100 L200   Model L100 L200 L300
RM122 x x RM8500 x x  
RM123 x x RM8501 x x  
RM4181 x x RM8505 x x  
RM4210 x x RMS8500 x x  
RM4211 x x RMS8501 x x  
RM4213 x x RMS8505 x x  
RM4230 x x RM8551 x x  
  x x RM8555 x x  
RM5310 x x RM8400 x x  
RM5330 x x RM8401 x x  
RM5380 x x RMS8400 x x  
RM7270 x x RMS8401 x x  
RM7271 x x RML8551     x
RM7291 x x RML8555     x
RM7361 x x RMD8501     x
RM7400 x x RMD8505     x
RM7401L x x RMD8551     x
RM7405L x x RMD8555     x
Model L100 L200 L300
RM7601L     x
RM7605L     x
RM7651L     x
RM7655L     x

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