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Maintenance of Medical Fridge

Dometic recommends that hospitals have some form of inspection/maintenance/service arrangement in place for when the warranty period expires. This could be hospital maintenance staff, a third party maintenance company or the local Dometic Approved Network (DAN) engineer (visit www.dometicapproved.co.uk for details of local DAN engineers)
There are no routine maintenance procedures necessary on a Dometic pharmacy fridge other than inspection. Attention should be paid to ventilation and levelling as well as a visual inspection of the rear of the fridge to look for impact or corrosion damage. There may be breakages or failure of components e.g. the circulation fan and these parts are readily available and simple to change.

Inspection routine:

Training can be provided to maintenance staff or Estates managers – please contact Dometic UK

Ammonia leakage

The Cooling unit of a Dometic Pharmacy Fridge contains approximately 100g of ammonia along with 150g of water and some corrosion inhibitor. There are 2 methods of failure of the cooling unit as described below.

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