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Using and Lighting a RC1600 / ACX35 Camping Portable Fridge

The detail below is the same principle for any of the following portable camping fridge or Freezer:
RC1200 RC1600 ACX40

The Dometic RC1600 / ACX35 portable 3 way fridge (Gas, mains and 12 volt) will run on either Propane or Butane Gas, but best on Propane Gas.

You can use the camping gaz bottles, advisable if using abroad, or calor gas which is UK only but tends to work out cheaper to run. The Camping gaz 907 bottle (the most popular size in UK and abroad), if left on constantly, will last, on average for 2 weeks, but you tend to turn them to low or even off at night time.

You would need to purchase a length of gas hose and a regulator that suits the bottle that you use, which should be available from the gas bottle supplier.

When using the RC1600, it is best to get the unit cold at home on the mains, then fill up with food, and then if going on a journey (to a campsite etc), turn the unit on 12 volt by plugging the 12volt adaptor into the vehicle 12volt socket. You can then turn it on gas or mains at the campsite. The RC1600 comes with a mains 3 pin plug and a 12 volt cigarette adaptor.


  1. Never use a camping portable fridge on gas while in transportation
  2. Never leave on 12 volt while the vehicle engine is turned off as it draws a lot of power and could flatten your battery.

Igniting a RC1600 / ACX35 portable fridge on gas

  1.  Open  gas cylinder or pressure regulating valve
  2. Turn gas button anti clockwise to the MAX position, press and hold down.
  3. After approximately 10 seconds press ignitor several times.
    After ignition, hold down gas button for a further 15 seconds before releasing.
  4. Check the Pilot light is alight

    The flame can be controlled by aperture ©
    Should no ignition occur, repeat the ignition process after 1 minute.
    (this could take longer than 10 seconds if the unit has been out of operation for a prolonged period or after replacing the gas cylinder. (cause: air in the lines).
  5. Once sufficient refrigeration has been obtained in the cooling tank at the MAX position, the control knob should be turned to the MIN position by low outside temperatures or when the refrigerator is only lightly loaded respectively the ambient temperature is below +18c in order to avoid over freezing the contents.

View RC1600 page or other portable page for more technical information on the product.

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