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Fuzzy Logic - The 4 plus Magic Chip

Intelligent control chip - for perfect cooling with minimum energy
Advanced sensor - reliable temperature control
Automatic defrost - no more worries about defrosting
Optimized energy savings - save up to 20% on energy consumption

The patented Fuzzy Logic regulation system ensures the lowest energy consumption ever and fully automatic defrost.

Fuzzy Logic II

As Fuzzy Logic above but also:

Further reduces energy consumption by Approx: 15%
Monitors infrared sensor controlled LED interior light.

Features a set up diagnosis system and monitors the sensor controlled surveillance of the cooling unit (CUC system). After each defrost cycle, it checks the cooling unit performance. In case of malfunction, LED interior light starts to flash. The problem can be diagnosed thanks to a remote control that allows resetting the system.

Manages temperature setting in connection with remote control. HiPro miniBars are delivered with a fixed interior temperature set a 5 degrees C, which can be adjusted to 3 degrees C by use of remote control.

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