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Fitting A Fridge In Your Caravan/Campervan

Approved by Dometic (formerly Electrolux) Supplied by O'Briens Camping

Why Have An Approved Installation?

It Avoids

Poor Refrigerator Performance

Cold Draughts Entering The Living Space

Rain Through Vents

Flue Problems
RM 4211 3-way 60 Litre Dometic Electrolux Camping Caravan Fitting A Fridge


The Recess Image

1. The refrigerator must stand on its feet (including lower hinge) and be firmly secured in a strong housing.

2. Removal for servicing must be straightforward.

3. Provide a minimum 10-20mm gap behind the refrigerator.

4. The refrigerator door must be free to open a minimum of 105° without obstruction to allow for the removal of interior fittings.


The Ventilation Image
See Full Vents Range
1. For the refrigerator to perform correctly each vent must have a free effective area of a least 240cm². For models exceeding 60L capacity the free effective area should be at least 300cm². The Dometic (formerly Electrolux) type A1620 ventilation system more than adequately complies with this requirement. Position the upper vent relative to the rear of the fridge so that the top edge of the vent is at least 55mm above the top of the fridge.

2. Dometic (formerly Electrolux) recommend the use of their A1620 ventilation system, as this is the only system tested with their range of Caravan/Campervan refrigerators. With other systems water can enter through the vents and saturate the area behind the fridge.

3. A gas escape hole 13cm² in area must be provided under the refrigerator (not beneath the burner) so that any unburnt LP gas can escape. If it is situated in a cupboard beneath the refrigerator then a label warning the user not to obstruct the vent should be provided.

4. The cooling unit must be sealed off from the interior of the Caravan or Campervan at the rear of the refrigerator for optimum performance and to prevent cold draughts from entering the living space. Failure to meet this Criteria will allow warm air to collect around the refrigerator, the heat will re-enter the refrigerator through the insulation and the performance will suffer.

5. The Caravan/Campervan door (when fully open) should not obstruct the cooling unit vents nor the flue outlet otherwise the refrigerator performance could suffer, particularly in high ambient temperatures, and flue gases may be slow to disperse. The average distance between the vents and the door should be in excess of 25mm


The Flue Image
1. Only the approved Dometic (formerly Electrolux) flue kit must be used.

2. The flue top must be secured using the screw provided to avoid the risk of restriction.

3. Allow 5mm clearance between the flue pipe and combustible material in the wall of the Caravan/Campervan to avoid fire risk.

4. Provide a minimum of 10mm clearance between the end of the flue pipe and the flue top to avoid distortion of the flue cover.

5. Fit the perforated flue cap to avoid dirt and moisture ingress and to prevent accidental flame blowout.

6. Ensure that the gap between the flue cap and the inner surface of the flue cover always exceeds 5mm to avoid the risk of restriction.

7. On the non-integrated flue system sealant should only be applied between the outer flue cover and the flange plate of the flue tube at the top and side only. It should not be applied behind the flue tube flange plate.


LP Gas Connection Image

1. The supply pipe should be of copper to avoid gas leaks and should be connected to the refrigerator inlet pipe by means of a suitable threaded coupling.

2. An approved union gas cock must be incorporated in the supply line at a point accessible to the user to enable the refrigerator to be isolated.


Ensure that cables do not touch the flue pipe or hot parts of the cooling unit.

Electrical Connections Image
1. Should be either via a 3 amp fused and properly earthed plug and socket or through a 5 amp contact breaker.
1. In order to avoid voltage drop, the cross-sectional area of connecting cable between the battery/alternator and refrigerator must be at least:
    2.0mm². Maximum run 8.0 metres
    2.5mm². Maximum run 10.5 metres
    4.0mm². Maximum run 17.0 metres
2.A 15-amp fuse must be installed in the positive lead to protect the cable in the event of a fault.
1. Observe correct polarity.
2. The cross-sectional area of the feed cable should be at least 0.5mm².
3. A 1.0 amp fuse should be incorporated in the feed wire adjacent to the battery to protect the wiring.

Usage Tip - The cold air in the fridge is heavier than the ambient air and falls out when you open the door. So do not leave the door open more than you have to.


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