Fitting an RM123/122 into a classic VW campervan

The RM122 2 way gas/12volt camping fridge and the RM123 3 way main/gas/12volt camping fridge are very popular in the classic VW campervans. Classic being VW split screen (up to around 67/68), bay window (up to around 1980) and even now the VW T25 (up to around 1990). Many of the older conversions used the original Electrolux RM122 or RM123 models. These are the smallest of the fridge range, so fit nicely in small cupboards.


Electrolux RM122

Electrolux RM123 - Dometic RM123

If replacing an old Electrolux RM122 or RM123, you must be aware that the flue has changed sides. Looking at the front of the fridge on the new Dometic (formerly Electrolux) RM122 or RM123 the flue is on the right hand side. You cannot buy a new left hand side one.


The Dometic recommended fitting for any Dometic/Electrolux fridge can be found at http://www.obrienscamping.co.uk/articles/FridgeInstall.htm . This may not suit VW campervan owners (particularly owners of classic vehicles) that do not wish to cut out 2 large holes of 450mm * 150mm on the outside of their van.

Important: Since 2014 regulation now requires the fridge to be room sealed and the fridge MUST be fitted with the LS200 grills as in the new updated manual. The internal metal grill is NOT provided with NEW fridges.

A minimum of 15mm at the back of the fridge, more if possible, to allow plenty of cold air to flow around the back of the fridge.

Floor vent needs to be of an adequate size of about 250mm x 100mm. To prevent water, debris or animals coming up through the hole, you would need to cover the hole over with some kind of wire mesh and an aluminium/stainless steel tunnel cover underneath to allow air to come up through the floor.

Important Gas Flue

This MUST be fitted externally to allow unburnt LP gas to escape from the exhaust.

If you decide to fit your RM122/123 fridge internally, you must still read the full fitting instruction as at http://www.obrienscamping.co.uk/articles/FridgeInstall.htm for safety and efficiency of your fridge.

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