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Frequently Asked questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions, that hopefully you will find useful. Click on the link within the question, to find a detailed explanation.


Can I have my unit delivered to a Different Delivery Address?

Camping Caravan Fridges Windows

What is involved in Fitting A Fridge In Your Caravan/Campervan?

What's the difference between Piezo and Electronic ignition Systems?

What is AES?

How do you Vent a camping fridge?

What Vents do I need for my camping fridge?

Perfect ventilation for perfect performance

How do I use and light an RC1600 portable camping fridge? or any other portable fridge.

Camper Van Conversion Equipment for Self Build Motorhome

What's involved in Fitting an RM123/122 into a classic VW campervan?

What is the replacement for an old Electrolux RM212 camping caravan fridge?

How To Fit Seitz Windows in Caravan Campervan Motorhome and order correct sizes?

How Absorption cooling works?

See the Difference between RM123 and CR50 camping fridges

Seitz Rooflights

What is Duette honeycomb?

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