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Dometic Gas Checker GC 100: how much gas in my bottle?

Reliable gas supply for camping, motorhome and caravan users is essential. It is important to know how many litres of gas are on board. The lightweight tool checks the gas level in the bottle and can tell in a few seconds how full or empty the gas bottle is.

Check the gas level of the gas bottle with the Dometic gas checker GC100 pen
  • Easy to use
  • Recommended for camping, motorhomes and caravans users
  • Suitable for all steel and aluminium gas bottles with a diameter of 200-350 mm
  • Not suitable for Thin light weight bottles
  • Reliable level measurements using ultrasound
  • Tested for explosion protection - EU Directive 94/9/EC
  • Weight 25g

To use the Gas Checker Pen: press the probe horizontally to various points on the bottle wall and watch the indicator light. Ensure the tip of the pen and the gas bottle surface are both clean and free from dirt (you can use any normal wet wipe). Ensure the probe is 90° on the bottle for correct measurement.

Green light means there is gas at the point where the measurement is taken.

Red light means there is no gas for that level.

The Gas Checker Pen can be used for all commonly available steel and aluminium bottles filled with propane or butane gas.

Important: Not suitable for use on plastic bottles, self refilling gas bottles (because internal components can deflect the measurement signal) or bottles smaller than 200 mm or greater than 350 mm diameter.

Dometic Gas Checker Pen GC 100

£30inc. VAT

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