Difference between RM123 and CR50 camping fridges

Many customers and installers ask OBriens what is the difference between an RM123 absorption fridge and the CRX50 compressor fridge. This article highlights the difference and benefits of each unit.

Both fridges are the same width of 380mm, but the RM123 is slightly taller and the CR50 is slightly deeper.

Benefits of RM123 absorption fridge

Will run on LPG gas.
Can be left on for long periods of time without the need of external power source.
Direct replacement for the old Electrolux RM123.
RM123 fridges have stood the test of time.
Completely silent in operation.

Benefits of CR50 compressor fridge

No need for external ventilation as the CR50 fridge can be vented each side of the unit.
Extremely low power usage on 12volt approx 1.5 amps per hour.
No gas fumes to ventilate.
Can be powered by solar panels.
Modern design.
Includes small freezer compartment.
Easier installation.
Can be installed on a boat.
Higher tilt tolerance of 45 degrees.



The RM123 fridge can be powered by LPG gas, mains electric or 12 volt. The 12v should only be used whilst traveling as it would flatten your battery very quickly if the engine is not running. LPG gas fridges must be vented externally, allowing the fridge to keep cool. The flue must go directly outside the vehicle to expel the gas fumes.
RM123 is completely silent.


The CR50 fridge has a compressor, which can be heard whilst running. This fridge is powered by 12/24 volts, but an additional mains adaptor can be used so that the CR50 fridge can then be powered by mains electric (hook-up). If you are plugged into hook-up the adaptor will automatically use mains electric over 12volt. CR50 is very economical on 12volt and will last nearly 3 days on a 100 amp leisure battery without being recharged. The
CR50 does not need external venting.

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