CoolMatic CR / Chrome Features

Under counter cooling comfort - just like at home Elegant, aesthetic design: brushed stainless steel looks outside, Cool Blue inside. The well organised interior provides capacities of 48 to 108 litre's, depending on the model. Ease of use enhanced with clever extras, such as bottle holders and additional storage trays, both open and closed.

Premium design with Cool Blue light inside
Waeco CR Cool Blue light
You prefer to travel in style? The perfect finish and high grade interior of CoolMatic CR refrigerators is very impressive. First Class materials, sparkling surfaces and the aesthetic Cool Blue interior light are all part of the elegant CoolMatic CR design. A feast for the eye.

Recessed door grips
Waeco CR Recessed door grips
Comfort to get hold of: the recessed door grip is enough to unlock the door. You can feel the difference, there is no protruding handle to catch yourself on. Slim grips blend harmoniously with the elegant design of the refrigerator doors.

Functional cooling space
Waeco CR SFunctional cooling space
The interior design of CoolMatic CR refrigerators is both intelligent and functional. A large bottle holder and a lidded container on the inside door, a vegetable bin and a storage tray provide ample space for fresh food. The Waeco CR-110 additionally features an open door tray, a second storage tray and two drawers.

Separately insulated *** freezer compartment - tropical rated
Waeco CR Separately insulated *** freezer compartment
Cool cocktails with ice-cubes? Any time! All CoolMatic CR refrigerators feature a separately insulated *** freezer compartment. The thickly foamed evaporator and the extra strong insulation ensure that a constant -18 degrees C is maintained in the freezer compartment and the desired +5 degrees C to +7 degrees C in the rest of the refrigerator - even when ambient temperatures reach tropical ratings (+43 degrees C).

Patented lock: close or vent
Waeco CR Patented lock close or vent
The doors of CoolMatic CR refrigerators feature a patented locking mechanism. In cooling mode the door is fastened top and bottom for double safety. Thus CoolMatic refrigerators will be firmly shut tight - even if the fridge contents push against the door from inside. The 'vent' position keeps the door slightly open and provides ventilation when the fridge is not in use.

Installation with standard or flush-mount frame
Waeco CR Standard or Flush-mount frame
To install a Coolmatic CR refrigerator in your kitchen or gallery choose the standard or flush-mount installation frame from Waeco's range of accessories. Both options will keep your refrigerator securely in place. Using the flush-mount frame makes for a particularly elegant solution through, as the refrigerator door is fitted flush with the other units rather than protruding.

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