CombiCool CAB Features

For Camping and Leisure

Absorption technology - cooling with power and gas

One cooling appliance for all situations - this is how the CombiCool absorption coolers are best described

They provide a generous capacity of 40 or 55 litre's for snacks and drinks which can be cooled with either gas or electricity (12 volts DC or 230 volts AC). While you are on the road in your car or motorhome, the energy comes from the vehicle battery via the cigarette lighter. At your destination you can switch over to either gas or 230 volts.

Their flexibility, functional design and robust cabinet have made our CombiCool absorption coolers a real success - highly appreciated by motorhome owners, camping and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Regulators for Gas and electric operation Waeco Combicool CAB Regulators for Gas and electric operation
Evaporator with recessed space for ice cube tray Waeco Combicool CAB Evaporator with recessed space for ice cube tray
Organises the contents: with detachable wire basket Waeco Combicool CAB SFunctional cooling space

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