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Dometic RM 8 series fridges Features

The 8-series: the fridges of the future Easy to use, stylish and ultra-efficient: the Dometic 8-series sets new standards for Absorption refrigerators. Innovative designs and colourful accents transform the high-quality appliances into stylish design pieces. On the outside, decor panels help them blend in with the furniture while the inside is illuminated with energy-efficient LED lights that radiate a pleasantly cool blue light. A host of user-friendly features add the finishing touch

Removable freezer compartment
Dometic 8-series Removable freezer compartment
Patented worldwide innovation - Thanks to an innovative clip system the freezer compartment can be removed quickly and easily to increase refrigerator capacity if required and reduce energy consumption. A world first that is exclusive to the 8-series.
Flexible arrangement of shelves
Dometic 8-series Flexible shelves
The improvements are clear to see. Easy-to-move shelves that can be positioned as needed. Just like at home …
Innovative door system
Dometic 8-series Innovative door system
Practical and convenient for daily use: the new locking system with fingertip opening. All models with AES system are equipped with an acoustic alarm that warns if the door is accidentally left ajar. 8-series refrigerators can be supplied with door hinges on the left or right as required.
New control panel design
Dometic 8-series New control panel design
Future-orientated design also distinguishes the control panel, which is integrated perfectly into the refrigerator cabinet. For extra comfort and convenience, the refrigerators feature a user-friendly LED display with intuitive menu as well as visual alarm [ MES models ] or, respectively, visual and acoustic alarms [ AES models ].
Modular freshness system
Dometic 8-series Modular freshness system
The vegetable compartment can be partitioned. Moreover, it can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher, just like the ergonomically designed door shelves with leakage protection

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