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Fridge Usage
The cold air in the fridge is heavier than the ambient air and falls out when you open the door. So do not leave the door open more than you have to.

Lighting fridge
If fridge will not stay alight when releasing the gas knob, try removing knob, and then light the fridge. If this works, try again with the knob back on.

Portable gas fridges
Must NOT be used on GAS in motor vehicles and boats

Boats: Sea, Narrow and Cabin cruisers
We can not sell to narrow boats due to strict regulations, other boats can have standard gas fridges fitted, but would not be covered under the Dometic warranty.

Vent Size - Beware small vehicles such as VW Type 2 and split screens
The standard vent L100/L200 size is 479 x 185mm with a cut out needed of 451mm * 156mm, but the top vent does include space for the gas flue.

Fridge Flue -
As you look at the front of the fridge
RM122 / RM123 - the flue is on the right
All other current RM models - the flue is on the left

Double door fridge freezers's such as RMD8501 require a larger vent (L300) size 518mm x 278mm.

RM122 / RM123 Camping fridges
If replacing an old Electrolux RM122 or RM123, you must be aware that the flue has changed sides. Looking at the front of the fridge on the new Dometic (formerly Electrolux) RM122 or RM123 the flue is on the right hand side.

Seitz Heki Rooflight
99% of caravans have a roof thickness of 25-42mm, but it is always best to check with your caravan supplier first.

'Fixed ventilation' is for caravans and 'without fixed ventilation' is for motorhomes, as Fixed ventilation will cause a whistling noise whilst driving

Extreme care must be taken when measuring rooflights for correct size, as they are non returnable.

Seitz Blinds
Seitz Blinds Can be reduced in length, but not width. All Seitz blinds are held in stock with obriens. Extreme care must be taken when measuring windows and blinds for correct size, as they are non returnable.

Seitz Caravan motorhome Windows
If fitting a Seitz window to a motorhome or camper van sliding door allow for the enough clearance for the inner blind frame and catch. The seitz window inner blind frame is 30mm thick and the catch is just under 20mm. You will need to allow for more than 50mm clearance on your camper van motorhome sliding door.

Windows over 1000mm wide have 2 extra catches

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