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Dometic Waeco Compressor Fridges

12/24v Refrigerators

Dometic refrigerators, Waeco Coolmatic, cooling and deep freezing for campervans and boats.

CRP40 with removable compressor
Waeco CRP-40 Coolmatic 2-way 39 Litre small boat waeco fridges


39L with 5.3L freezer
Consumption: 0.77 to 1.17 Amps per hour
Size: 536 x 380 x 545 / 363(H x W x D)
Depth 182 less without cooling unit

Waeco Coolmatic
Waeco CRX-50 Coolmatic 2-way 48 Litre boat fridge

45L with 4.4L freezer
Consumption: 1.1 to 1.7 Amps per hour
Size: 534 x 380 x 500(H x W x D)

Waeco CRX-65 Coolmatic 2-way 57 Litre yacht fridge

57L with 7L freezer
Consumption: 1.14 to 1.8 Amps per hour
Size: 525 x 448 x 545(H x W x D)

Waeco Coolmatic
Waeco CRX80 Coolmatic 2-way 78 Litre boat refrigerators

78L with 7.5L freezer
Consumption: 1.19 to 2 Amps per hour
Size: 640 x 475 x 528 (H x W x D)

Waeco Coolmatic CRX110 2-way 108 Litre yacht fridges

104L with 9L freezer
Consumption: 1.8 to 2.4 Amps per hour
Size: 745 x 520 x 558 (H x W x D)

Waeco CRX140 Coolmatic 3-way 130 Litre motorhome fridges

12V/24V DC and 100 - 240 volts AC
130L with 11L freezer
Consumption: 1.9 to 2.5 Amps per hour
Size: 815 x 525 x 619 (H x W x D)

Available in matt silver or chrome finish. There are six different sizes on offer. With the CRP40 the cooling unit can be installed up to 1.5 metres away from the fridge. Two frames are available, standard and flush mount. The decor panel can be replaced if required. All CR coolmatic units will run on 12 or 24 volt. Can also run on Mains with the Waeco adaptor and solar. The CR140 comes standard with mains supply.
One of the great features of the CR Waeco Coolmatic fridges is their high standard interior. These match the Dometic fridge. Runs on a Low power compressor from as low as 1.4 amps per hour.
The high performance CR fridge comes with a bottle holder, cool blue light, and a vegetable section. Waeco CR fridges have a tilt tolerance of 45 degree max. The separate insulated 3 star freezer compartment keeps at -18 degrees C even at an ambient temperature of plus 43 degrees C. The rest of the Waeco refrigerator maintains between +5 to +7 degrees C. The Fridge door locks at both top and bottom in two positions (closed or vent). The door can be fixed either side, left or right. These fridges are suitable for yachts, boats, camper van and Motor homes.

Dometic RC10 series Compressor Refrigerators

The 10 series compressor refrigerators are ideal for installation in panel vans, boats, or anywhere ventilation presents a challenge. They guarantee reliable cooling and deep-freezing in low and high ambient temperatures

RC10.4 70
Dometic RC10 4 70 2-way 69 Litre refrigerators


69L with 7.5L freezer
Consumption: 42/58 W
Size: 821 x 420 x 450(H x W x D)

RC10.4 90
Dometic RC10 4 90 2-way 90 Litre Panel Van Fridges


90L with 7.5L freezer
Consumption: 45/61 W
Size: 975 x 420 x 485(H x W x D)

Waeco 12/24v Compressor Drawer Fridges

The Waeco compressor drawer fridges have a convenient way of letting you keep track of what you have. The CRD50 with removable freezer compartment to make more space for cooling if required. The Waeco CD30 can fit in an unused storage area. Could also be accessible from the outside. The CoolMatic drawer fridges are a perfect cooling solution for the smaller camper.
Waeco Coolmatic
Drawer Fridge
Waeco CD-30 Coolmatic compressor drawer fridge 2-way 30 Litre

Consumption: 0.67 to 1.3 Amps per hour
Size: 250 x 440 x 730 (H x W x D)

Waeco Coolmatic
Drawer Fridge
Waeco CRD-50 Coolmatic compressor drawer fridge 2-way 50 Litre

With 4 Litre Freezer
Consumption: 1.4 to 1.7 Amps per hour
Size: 534 x 380 x 500 (H x W x D)


Waeco CoolMatic CB Built-in Compressor 12/24v coolers

Waeco Coolmatic top loading cooling units for use in a confined space. Ideal refrigerator for your campervan, Motorhome, boat or yacht. If there's no space left on board take a look at the Coolmatic CB models.

These two built-in coolers CB36 and CB40 are designed for fitting in a confined space. Where there is limited height and width, the depth of the cupboard space can be used instead. This makes optimum use of the available space, while perfectly matching the design of the interior. The cooling unit can be fitted to the left or right side of the fridge, or up to 1.5 metres away from the fridge.

The Coolmatic CB Coolers with 36 or 40 litres of space for refrigeration and deep freeze. Both units have excellent cooling performance. The tried and tested Danfoss BD35F compressor ensures low power consumption. Superb operation in a tilted position and quiet running.

Powered by 12 or 24 volts with automatic switch over. The CB36 and CB40 coolers are perfectly suited for operation with a solar unit. The power for cooling can just as easily come from the mains hook up. All you have to do is connect the Waeco mains adapter.

Waeco CB-36 Coolmatic 2-way 36 Litre campervan compressor cooler


Consumption: 0.56 to 0.94 Amps per hour
Size: 400 x 410 x 410 (H x W x D) without cooling unit
Cooling unit 280 x 410 x 180

Waeco CB-40 Coolmatic 2-way 40 Litre motorhome compressor cooler


Consumption: 0.64 to 1.01 Amps per hour
Size: 455 x 340 x 500 (H x W x D) without cooling unit
Cooling unit 205 x 300 x 220

Waeco Portable CoolFreeze 2 way Fridge Freezers Fridges

OBriens cool freeze freezer range with low power use on 12 volt. From the small compact cooler up to the large coolers. These are ideal for camping, days out, trip to the beach, home, hotels, car, holiday home.

Waeco CFX35
Waeco CFX35 compact freezers CoolFreeze 3-way

12v + 24v DC, 100 - 240v AC
Size: 411 x 692 x 398 (H x W x D)

Waeco CFX40
Waeco CFX40 portable fridge freezers CoolFreeze 3-way

12v + 24v DC, 100 - 240v AC
Size: 461 x 692 x 398 (H x W x D)

Waeco CFX50
Waeco CF-50 mobile freezers CoolFreeze 3-way

12v + 24v DC, 100 - 240v AC
Size: 471 x 725 x 455 (H x W x D)

Waeco CFX65
Waeco CFX65 compressor freezers CoolFreeze 3-way

12v + 24v DC, 100 - 240v AC
Size: 561 x 725 x 455 (H x W x D)

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