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OBriens Camping is based in Andover Hampshire Hants, which is in the south of England. We aim to have the lowest prices in the UK. Supplier of the full Dometic Caravan Camper Van and Boats range. Dometic are formerly known as Electrolux. This range includes the Waeco, Seitz, Cramer and Smev brands. We supply camping and caravan fridges. Dometic portable gas refrigerators and Waeco portable freezers and Seitz caravan windows. Dometic hobs, sinks and cooker hoods.

Dometic Camping Fridges Caravan Motorhome formerly Electrolux

3-way Dometic Fridge with absorption cooling. The 3-way built in door Dometic RM5310 caravan fridge which replaced the old classic RM4210 caravan fridge. These camping refrigerators which vary in size. From the small 30L RM123 camping fridge, perfect for the VW Type 2, split screen or the T25 camper van. Then up to the large 3 way 80L Dometic RM5380. and the RMS8401 with step cut out at back.

The new 10 series range with removable freezer for larger fridge space. From the 3 way 95L RM8401 caravan refrigerator, the RM8500 caravan fridge, RM8501 caravan fridge, up to the large RMD 10.5T Dometic RV Refrigerators. Then the giant size camping refrigerator 177L RMD 10.5 XT. 3-way means powered by LPG Gas, mains and 12 volt Car /Van Battery. The motorhome fridge will run on either camping gaz or calor gas. Propane or Butane Gas can be used, but Propane Gas is best.

See full Camper Van Caravan model updates

Ignition systems for Dometic Refrigerators

All Dometic camping caravan and free standing gas refrigerators come with either Piezo or Electronic ignition or AES (Auto Energy Selector)

Seitz Caravan Windows

OBriens are one of the largest online Seitz caravan window dealers. To complete your camper van conversion or self build Motor home. We sell a large range of Seitz caravan windows. The Seitz S4 framed windows come as hinged or sliding windows for your RV motorhome or caravans. See our fitting Seitz Window in Caravan Campervan or RV Motorhome.

Waeco Dometic Compressor Campervan Caravan Fridge

OBriens are now supplying the full Waeco (sometimes spelt weaco) range. The Marine Waeco Coolmatic CR 2 way 12v/24 volt compressor fridge Freezers. From the Waeco CRX 50 fridge to the large Waeco CR140. All suitable for yachts, boats, caravans and Camper Vans. All the Waeco compressor models are suitable for solar operation. They come with many features such as door locks top and bottom in two positions. Shut or slightly open for ventilation. Interior cool blue light. Very low power use, as low as 1.4 Ah/hour. Mains adapters available EPS 100 230-240v to 24v or MPS 35 110-240v to 24v.

Dometic Gas Portable refrigerators and Freezers

OBriens portable range includes the Dometic ACX 35 camping portable refrigerator, which can cool contents to as low as 33°C below ambient temp.
The Portable gas fridge must NOT be used on GAS while moving in your motor home, boat or caravan.
The large CFX50 mobile freezers.

Freestanding Gas Refrigerators

The Dometic 2 way free standing RGE2100 RGE3000 RGE4000 mains and gas refrigerators. These are ideal for holiday homes, static caravans, mobile homes, beach huts and, cottages and homes in remote areas.

Dometic Cooker range

This range includes the CK cooker hoods. The Cramer and Smev Built-in Hobs Caravan Cookers, hob/Sink Combo, and Smev Sinks. Suitable for caravan boats and motorhome.

See our the Dometic Electrolux Website

Obriens mini coolers medical and mini bars

Obriens supply a full range of Dometic mini coolers. These come in various sizes. The 23L DS200 mini cooler, small enough to fit in almost anywhere. The most popular DS300 mini refrigerator, then up to the large 60L Dometic DS600 mini cooler. These Dometic Mini coolers are ideal for Care homes, Offices, student rooms, small hotel rooms and many more places.
Pharmacy Vaccine Fridge for use in hospital wards, small pharmacy, GP surgery and health centres. They are perfect for people who suffer with conditions such as diabetes. These medical refrigerators are ideal for the use where the storage of medicine is crucial. The Dometic pharmacy range include, the 28L DS301H and 53L DS601H medical units.
Dometic mini Bar range offers silence, elegance, advanced technology, with an attractive product range. Within the mini Bars fridge range are the small RH423LDA mini Bar fridge to the large HiPro 6000 standard, and the Standard HiPro Vision.

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